This photo collection is a still life study of the interaction between two substances that aren't "supposed" to go together; dry, fluffy, and elaborate versus wet, sticky, sappy, and goopy.


This photo collection is a reflection on my religious upbringing and how my beliefs have changed through the different phases of my journey. I looked for God at an old seminary and photographed of what I found.

Paint the Town

This series aims to find new meaning and new composition within the work of others. These photos were taken at the Mural Mile in Saint Louis, MO.

Marigold City

These photos were taken at different locations that I frequented while growing up. This collection aims to capture the essence of my nostalgia for the way things used to be.

Moiré Study

A moiré pattern often occurs when a screen is photographed due to the pixels of the screen exceeding sensor resolution. As a result, the camera produces strange-looking wavy patterns. These patterns are often unwelcome accidents in photography, but I have chosen to embrace them as the focus of this collection.