Mind Games

In my artwork, I delve into the relationship between chance and control, considering how these elements manifest in both collaborative role-playing games and real-life scenarios. Through the lens of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), I explore the symbolism of game rules and mechanics— such as dice rolls and spells— as metaphors for the unpredictable nature of life, encompassing everything from mental health struggles to societal challenges like the pandemic.

I strive to bridge the gap between these seemingly dissimilar realms by creating visual narratives that resonate on multiple levels, searching for points of connection between the challenges and trials in a fantasy world and those that exist in everyday life. I explore the complexities of mental health through visually engaging brain maps, spells, and monsters, and I examine notions of community and vulnerability through thought-provoking sculptures and prints. Individual pieces serve as building blocks in a larger, cohesive narrative. By employing the rich symbolism inherent in collaborative storytelling games, I aim to foster a dialogue that extends beyond my artwork, encouraging viewers to engage critically with the themes presented and reflect on their own lived experiences.

My interest in this subject began when my family and friends started playing D&D during the COVID pandemic as a way to maintain social connections during that era of increased isolation. The more I came to understand the game, the more I understood its therapeutic potential as a unique platform for self-expression, social connection, and introspection. This game not only provided a fantastical escape from the confines of daily life, but also served as a catalyst for a deeper exploration into the themes of chance, control, and the intersection between fantasy and reality.